Gwe: a novel against racism

Front cover: "Gwe, Young Man of New Guinea: A Novel Against Racism" by Arnold Perey
Front cover: “Gwe, Young Man of New Guinea: A Novel Against Racism”

The author of Gwe, Dr. Arnold Perey, Bennett Cooperman, and I, Anne Fielding, have given dramatic enactments of selections from this novel at libraries & children’s museums. What a big impact and lasting good effect it has on both young persons and adults! Here’s part of Chapter 16. A Story of Years-Ago Famine:

Note: We are now in the central mountains of New Guinea. Gwe is translating for Alan as the young anthropologist is doing field work. At this moment Gwe is bringing to Alan’s house in Divanna (Gwe’s home village) the young woman he loves and her adoptive father to tell their story.

The following day, Monday, Alan was in his house, sitting on the ground with his portable typewriter before him, typing a letter on bond onionskin to his academic sponsor in New York: detailing the ecological investigations in Divanna, when Gwe called from outside and Alan called out, “Come in.”

He entered with a timid glow on his face, his broad lips curved up in an involuntary smile.

He was followed by Willow, shy and proud in her bearing. And she was followed by an older man, small in stature, with a homely face and dusty looking, but proud.  The three entering at once startled Alan. Gwe was aware of this and he began, “There is a story for you…”  More


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